Super Fund

Super Fund

Save the Habitat Save the Hunt

Nationally, the NWTF will conserve 4 million acres of habitat, create 1.5 million new hunters, and open 500,000 additional acres to hunting access over the next 10 years. Find out what Missouri's goals are by following this link. Missouri Save the Habitat Save the Hunt Plan.

Super Fund 

If you are interested in applying for a super fund grant, contact your RD or the Regional Biologist. Please use the "call for proposals" guidelines and the application form posted below. Contact Regional Biologist John Burk if you need help developing a project and submit completed applications to John Burk via email no later than 11/13/15 (

Here are the 2015 projects that were approved from by the board. These projects stand to improve habitat on both public and private ground and support outdoor recreation safety, awareness, and education in the Show Me Sate.

2015 Your Superfund At Work

Superfund Call For Proposals 2013
Superfund Proposal Form

Super Fund Project Proposals for calendar year 2013 were approved by the state board on 1/5/13. A list of those projects and programs is below. Summary of 2013 super fund expenditures. 

2013 Approved Projects 
2013 Your Superfund At Work

2011 Approved Projects 
2011 Your Superfund At Work 

Superfund Proposal Form Document
Superfund Call For Proposals 2011

Equipment purchases made with super fund monies from 2004-2015, availability of equipment to public, and impact where reported. 
Equipment Project Contact